A fun bit of jazzy blue's for this 2012 Mercedes SL550. I got a chance to team up with another local detailer Mike from JMDetailing and knock out this 2 step correction and ceramic coating. Always a pleasure working with other like minded and very capable detailers. ENJOY!

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   At F&S Auto Coatings we believe that the benefits of ceramic coatings are for everyone to enjoy, not just the wealthy middle and upper class patron. With the invention of high tech Nano Ceramic coatings came a revolution in automotive detailing. A ceramic coating can now be applied to a vehicle's exterior surface which provides UV protection, makes clean up easier, is very hydrophobic and offers a true long lasting protection to your vehicles finish. While the technology has made wax truly a thing of the past, most consumers have been relegated to paying thousands of dollars leaving the vast majority of consumers priced out of the market and unable to take advantage of this wonderful technology.


Providing an affordable service over the life expectations of a ceramic coating is where the benefits really begin to shine. Lets be frank, the biggest reason the local car wash club membership is so attractive is it's price, however, with spinning brushes and Acid based wash solutions the effects will be noticeable and not in a good way. Swirl marks, wash marring and an all around dull look will rob you of the value of your investment. The restorative process IS and will remain expensive and time consuming leaving you without your car for the duration of the process. Protection early on is key to a long lasting shine.


With new technology new techniques are needed and we have just that at F&S Auto Coatings. High lubricity washes, ph neutral soaps and cleaners, and high tech microfiber towels reduce the likelihood of scratching during the wash process. Affordable monthly and quarterly plans will have your vehicle looking newer longer and over the life of a ceramic coating and can easily rival the local car wash cost with much better results. 



paint corrections are designed to save a vehicles value by restoring factory paints. paint corrections are also great for making your car stand out from the pack and can take your cars finish to another level.



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